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ATW Manufacturing Company, Maker of PacWrap® Shrink Wrapping Systems, Shrink Bands Shrink Tunnels, Bag Sealers and ATW Shrink Wrap Films, Shrink Tubing, L-Bar and I-Bar Sealers.

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ATW Manufacturing Co., Inc. 4065 W. 11th Ave., Eugene, Oregon 97402

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 22106, Eugene, OR 97402

PHONE: 541 484-2111 FAX: 541 484-1493 TOLL FREE: 800 759-3388

ATW Manufacturing has been providing quality proven packaging solutions for over twenty-five years. Businesses of all sizes rely on ATW for PacWrap®shrink wrapping equipment, ATW Crystal Clear™ shrink tunnels for shrink bands, shrink wrap films, heat guns, bag and tubing sealers, impulse and constant heat sealers, Nonstick PTFE tapes and cloth nonstick PTFE fabrics for heat sealers, vacuum packaging, vacuum pouches, poly bags and tubing, cello bags, tamper evident shrink bands, high speed shrink tunnels and L-sealers, service and supplies.

ATW Manufacturing Company serves both small and large business customers all over the world, with equipment, service and supplies.

We offer six different grades of ATW shrink bands,shrink wrap films, manual and air powered bag sealers & shrink tunnels of every conceivable size and speed as well as custom manufacturing for YOUR specific application.

Stock and custom size bags, tubing, (shrink and non shrink), coextrusions, laminated bags, vacuum chambers, vacuum pouches, (boilable/non boilable) are in stock. Shrink Wrap films are stocked from 6" to 40" centerfolded in 60, 75, 100, and 150 gauge every day!

Impulse bag sealers, constant heat sealers for cellophane and foil bags, high speed rotary sealers and band sealers for polyethylene, cellophane, laminations, co-extrusions, nylon, polypropylene and other materials...even heat sealable kraft paper sealers are in stock!

We also keep a huge inventory of repair kits and service kits including sealer heating element wires as well as Non Stick Heat Tapes and Fabric cloths, from 3/8" wide up to 40" wide for almost any heat sealer made! If we don't have it, we'll make it for you!

We also manufacture custom equipment including specialty heat shrink wrap tunnels of nearly any size for your specific applications. Let us help you!

Give us a call (800 759-3388) or email us. Our Fax: (541) 484-1493

Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 to 5, Pacific Time.


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